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How to Measure

Made To Measure Picture Frames, any Size, Big or Small

  • When inserting sizes onto the website please enter the image size not the frame size.
  • Measurements can be entered in mms, cms or inches. If you enter the size in inches or cms the site will automatically convert the image sizes into mms.

Measuring your photo without any borders:

Please measure the exact size of your photo, for example if you photo is on 300mm x 600mm paper and it fits the whole of the paper that is the size you enter onto our website.

If your photo has a border around and you only want to see the photo, measure from side to side and top to bottom off your picture excluding any borders. Only measure the paper size if you want the border to be showing.


measuring your photo without any borders


Measuring a photo with borders showing:

If you are framing a poster or a print which has a white border around it measure your picture which you would like showing; e.g for a poster, if the image is 600 x 800mm but the paper size is 800 x 1000mm (inclusive of the white border) if you enter the measurement of 800 x 1000mm into the frame maker this will ensure that the border is showing.

However if you are unsure about how to measure you picture or would like any further help please contact us.



Pictures already in a frame:

If your picture is already in a frame please take it out of the frame before measuring it to give you the correct measurements. If you supply the measurements of the frame this is different to the measurements of your picture and will therefore result in your picture not fitting the new frame.

Please note that all frames have a rebate of approximately 8mm which will overlap the edge of your picture and hold it into the frame.

When ordering a frame only without a mount, the sizes that you enter onto our website relates to what fits in the frame e.g. the acrylic and backing board, it is not the visible area from seen from the front of the frame. There is approximately an 8mm overlap all the way your picture to make sure it does not fall through the frame. For example if you enter to measurements 500 x 600mm you will receive a frame with a backing board and acrylic of 500 x 600mm but the visible picture size will be approximately 8mm less at each side depending on the frame you choose.

Pictures already Mounted:

Measure edge to edge of the mount and enter those sizes onto the frame maker page. The sizes you enter will relate to the backing board and acrylic size of the frame


If you would like a mount on your picture measure the exact picture size on our website (including any borders you want showing) as described above, we will automatically reduce the size by approximately 5mm to ensure that your picture does not fall through the mount. If you do not want the 5mm deduction on your image size and would prefer the opening to be exact measurements please contact us prior to ordering 

You still enter the image size measurements onto the website and then select the size of the mount up would like in the mount option i.e. 50mm. Usually the mount is the same size all the way round the picture i.e. 50mm at the top, 50mm at the bottom and 50mm at the sides of the picture so that it all looks in proportion.

When you have selected a mount, these measurements are added onto your original measurements you added to make the frame bigger

Multi Aperture Frames:

If you have multiple pictures you want in the same frame please measure the exact image size of each picture and enter them onto the multi framer maker page.

Select the number of pictures you would like in one frame between 2 and 12 and then select the layout for your pictures e.g. portrait or landscape. If all of your pictures are different sizes, click on the individual pictures to alter the sizes.

We will automatically calculate the distance between each picture, usually 25mm and the outside measurement of the mount, usually 50mm to ensure that the finished item looks in proportion.


Unsure About Your Measurements:

If you are unsure about any measurements please contact us prior to ordering as the frames are custom made and cannot be returned


Frames made to the outside measurements:

Please note that if you require a frame to the outside measurements - i.e from measuring edge to edge from the front of the frame including the frame itself - you would need to contact us via email : [email protected] or phone on 01253 730 222 to discuss your requirements as you will be unable to order this online

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